Western Cape – A Safer City?

A number of directorates within the City of Cape Town have extended their efforts to create a city in which our women and children are safe and able to reach their full potential.

The following groups/programmes have been established in the Western Cape:

• The Gender Forum
• City Men for Change (in the City of Cape Town)
• A dedicated Vice Squad is specifically focused on combating crimes that affect women such as human trafficking and prostitution
• “Good Touch, Bad Touch” education programme – rolled out at schools across the city with school resource officers assigned to certain schools on a permanent basis who are trained to assist with general guidance in this area
• Training of Metro Officers in the implementation of the Domestic Violence Act which provides victims (survivors) of abuse with specialised recourse mechanisms such as the accessing of Court Interdicts
• Early Childhood Development and Social Development have earmarked a number of programmes intent on combating gender-based violence within our communities
• Sexual Harassment is very often the precursor to more serious sexual offences and therefore the Municipality is taking a zero tolerance approach to Sexual Harassment by enforcing and abiding by the Code of Good Practice on the handling of Sexual Harassment cases: Notice 1367 of 1998. The objective of this code is to create workplaces that are free of Sexual Harassment.

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