Vision and Mission

Our Vision:
To lobby and advocate for the sexual dignity and safety of every woman, man and child in this country. For a society that respects its citizens and for the return of Ubuntu in our communities and societies.

Our Mission:
To lobby and advocate in the areas of gender-based violence (GBV) through our Real Men Don’t Rape (RMDR) media campaign and to provide online lobbying and advocacy support through our website, the media (print and electronic) and social media (our Facebook group page and Twitter) to government, non-governmental organisations (NGO’s), non-profit organisations (NPO’s) the community at large and the general public.

We foster excellence by working with government, NGO’s, NPO’s, Educators, survivors and families of victims of violence to re-claim their dignity.

Note: GBV encompasses all forms of interpersonal violence characterised by gendered power imbalances, included in this, intimate-partner violence refers to emotional, spiritual, physical, sexual and financial abuse between people who are intimate, it also includes broader subcategories of gender-based violence, namely family and domestic violence.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) now positions intimate-partner violence towards women as an urgent public health priority. It severely breaches human rights and has profound mental and physical health consequences that impact on entire family systems over generations.

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