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Pornography and its link with violence against women and children

Clip Art Graphic of a Pillar Cartoon Character



TopTV told South Africa’s Broadcasting Regulator on Thursday (14.03.2013) that a porn bouquet of sex channels “could kick-start TopTV’s recovery”.


I read somewhere recently that the Greek word “pornography” literally means pictures of prostitutes. Apparently, studies in the US show that 70 percent of women who appear in pornographic magazines, videos and films – and now the internet – are controlled by pimps who live off their earnings and force them into prostitution. 85 percent have been sexually abused as children and many of the women are survivors of rape and battery.

This means that most women being used in pornography are vulnerable and sexually exploited. Child pornography is evidence of serious crime: child sexual abuse.

Studies have shown that there is a strong link between the use of pornography and violence against women and children. Rapists, batterers and child molesters are often found to have large collections of pornography.

Hard core pornography – is explicit visual or verbal material that shows sexual intercourse in a degrading or violent manner.

Soft core pornography – is less explicit but also exposes genitals in a degrading manner.

Erotica – is sexually suggestive or arousing material that is free of sexism, racism and is respectful of all humans and animals portrayed – it is a healthy expression of human sexuality.

Now, I have the following questions to ask:

  • What do you feel when you see pornographic material (magazines, posters, advertisements, movies)?
  •  Do you think there is a link between legislation of pornography in South Africa and the rise in rape, battery, sexual abuse of women and children and adult and child      prostitution?
  •  Sex trafficking in women andchildren is increasing at an alarming rate – what can be done to protect women and children from becoming victims?