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Intimacy in Relationships


“The key to intimacy is expressing vulnerability and curiosity”.

The dictionary explains intimacy between partners as that of closeness, a togetherness, a comfortable and confident familiarity with each other. It includes affection and warmth towards each other and friendship.

A few questions partners should take turns in asking each other are:
• What strengths do I bring to this relationship?
• What is something we used to do that you miss now?
• Describe the first moment you knew I was “it” for you
• When was the time in our lives you thought our relationship needed more attention?
• How satisfied are you with the amount of time we spend together?
• What’s one way we could be a better couple?
• What are you most scared of about our future?


The secret to intimacy:
What is love? Love can be broken down into three components:

• Passion
• Intimacy
• Commitment

Together, these three components make up the triangular theory of love.

Relationships have a better shot if it possesses at least two of these components at any one time.


You can choose to commit to someone but you can’t just choose to be intimate with someone so where does intimacy come from?

How do two people grow to the point where they can just tell each other anything?

The key to intimacy is expressing vulnerability and curiosity.

It’s very important to remember that love never stays in the same place. Intimacy and passion rise and fall with the stresses of life, so if you feel a drop now and then, don’t freak out. It doesn’t mean the relationship is broken, it’s just the nature of how love works.

• Put more energy into getting to know the person you love (even if you think you know it all)
• Have the guts to be vulnerable – allow the person you love to see that you’re not super perfect all the time. You can’t get anywhere if you don’t take risks, so risk showing your partner that you can also be vulnerable sometimes. Nobody is perfect and in control all the time.
Source: https://youtu.be/Q2Niq_v34EI