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I hope your week is off to a wonderful start.

I am in the process of planning my content for the rest of 2016 and I’ve hit a mental block.

I’ve been posting content daily for a little more than a year now and think that maybe it’s time for a little overhaul.

As I was trying to figure all this out, I realised something.

Specifically, I’d LOVE your help

What I would love your help with is . . .
• Any burning business related questions you want to ask
• Any particular topics you want to hear me talk more about here on this page
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If you could spare a minute or so just to give me some feedback I would appreciate it so much. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Would you prefer a short video more than reading posts here? Do you prefer Podcasts to video? Do you want a newsletter? If yes, how often? Weekly or monthly? What topics would you like covered?

Let me know anything and everything that will help inspire me to create content that you will love.

I look forward to receiving your feedback in the comments box below.

Have a lovely week.

Gender based Violence – WHAT CAN YOU DO WHEN YOU NEED HELP?


This is an extremely important part of empowerment and allows you, as a woman to explore your feelings, options and impending sense of loss of the relationship.

Gives access to counseling and space to decide the next steps

Apply for a Protection Order and lay criminal charges at the same time if necessary. Protection Orders are available to anyone in a Domestic Relationship.

What is a Domestic Relationship?
• You are or were married to each other, whether you live together or not
• You are same-sex partners, whether you live together or not
• Were or are engaged, dating, or in a customary relationship, or in any relationship you or the other person believes to be romantic
• Have been in a sexual relationship, even for a short time
• Are the parents of a child
• Share or recently shared the same house or residence

By asking for a Protection Order you are not laying a criminal charge, and you do not need to lay a criminal charge to get a Protection Order. However, if you are the victim of a type of domestic abuse that is also a crime, you can choose to apply for a Protection Order, or lay a criminal charge, or both.

Acts of abuse which are also crimes include: common assault, assault with the intention of doing grievous bodily harm, indecent assault, rape, incest, attempted murder, malicious damage to property, pointing a firearm and the abuse of animals.

This is a huge step and should not be taken lightly. This option should only be considered when everything else has not worked and the abuse continues.

WHERE CAN I GO FOR HELP (in South Africa)?
Domestic Violence Services
• Stop Women Abuse Toll-free Helpline: 0800 150-150
• Domestic Violence Project (Catholic Welfare and Development, Guguletu): St Gabriel’s Church, NY 5, Guguletu 7750, telephone (021) 633 3458, fax: (021)637 4420
• Domestic Violence Project (Catholic Welfare and Development, Matroosfontein): St Dominic Rd, Matroosfontein 7460, telephone (021) 931 5331 Fax: (021) 931 7409
• Family and Marriage Society of South Africa (Famsa) Cape Town: 814 Groote Kerk Buidling, Adderly Street, Cape Town 8001, telephone (021) 461 7360, fax: (021) 461 9198
• Famsa (Guguletu): telephone (021) 637 7606
• Ministers’ Wives Fraternal: Box 3019, Hermanus 7200, telephone (0283) 24294
• Mitchell’s Plain Network Opposing Women Abuse, c/o Mitchell’s Plain Nicro, Box 443, Mitchells Plain 7785, telephone (021) 397 6060, fax: (021) 397 4920
• New World Foundation: Box 290, Steenberg 7945, telephone (021) 701 1150, fax (021) 701 9592,
• National Institute for the Prevention of Crime and the Rehabilitation of Offenders (Nicro) (Abused Women Project: Cape Town): Nicro Women’s Support Centre, 4 Buitensingel, Cape Town 8001, telephone (021) 422 1690, fax (021) 424 6879
• Nicro Atlantis: c/o Catholic Welfare and Development, corner Sun and Penelope streets, Avondale, Atlantis, telephone (021) 572 7655, fax: (021) 572 7655
• Nicro Bellville: 6th floor Tygerberg Centre, 16 Voortrekker Rd, Bellville 7530, telephone (021) 949 2110/1, fax: (021) 948 8934
• Nicro George: 88 York Rd, George 6530, telephone (044) 874 5450
• Nicro Khayelitsha: Box 443, Mitchells Plain, 7785, telephone (021) 361 1393
• Nicro Mitchell’s Plain: Box 443, Mitchell’s Plain, 7785, telephone (021) 397 6060, fax (021) 397 4920
• Nicro Worcester: Box 166 Worcester 6850, telephone (0231) 72 406, fax (0231) 74 540
• Triangle Project: Box 43282 Woodstock 7915, telephone (021) 448 3812, Guguletu (021) 633 9921, fax (021) 448 4089
• Women On Farms Project: Box 530, Stellenbosch, 7599, telephone (021) 887 2960, fax (021)887 2963

Rape Services
• Rape Crisis (Heideveld): 3 Heideveld Town Centre, Ascension Rd, Heideveld 7764, telephone: 637 9431, fax: 637 9432
• Rape Crisis (Khayelitsha): Box 46, Observatory 7925, telephone: 364 1156, fax: 361 0529 cellphone: 083 222 5159
• Rape Crisis (Observatory): Box 46, Observatory 7925, telephone: 447 1467, fax: 447 5458
Rape and Domestic Violence Services
• Cafda: Box 211, Retreat, 7965, telephone: (021) 706 2050, fax: (021) 709 3013
• Ilitha Labantu: Yoliswa Notshe, Box 7, Woodstock 7915, telephone: (021) 633-2383, fax: (021) 638-2956
• Mosaic: 1A Worcester Rd, Sea Point,8001, telephone: 434 7916, fax: 434 7586,

Perpetrator Services
• Child Abuse Therapeutic & Training Services (Catts) – Dr Marcel Londt, cellular number: 082-490-6469
• Akeso Kenilworth Clinic – telephone (021) 763-4500


Thuthuzela Care Centre at G F Jooste Hospital, Manenberg, Cape Town
Tel (021) 691-6194

They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. You will get all the help you need in one place – your medical examination, Police will take a statement from you, they will tell you what to do next.