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Toxic Relationships- Knowing When To Let Go – Missy Lynn Speaks

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Are you involved in a toxic relationship?

How do you know when a relationship is toxic?

How do you know when to leave a toxic relationship?

Listen here as Missy Lynn speaks . . .

Toxic Relationship Test – 10 Toxic Love Signs

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Toxic relationships hurt like hell.

Do you have a toxic lover?

Take the toxic relationships test.

Count the signs that are true for your relationship.

Take the Emotional Abuse Test here:

How to move on from a toxic relationship

Power & Control (man & woman on couch)

Are you so blinded by love that you cannot see how toxic your relationship is? Are you in denial because you don’t want it to be true?

Do you struggle to admit when someone is bad for you? The first step to healing is admitting there is a problem.

Power & Control Wheel

Remember it does not have to be a partner who subtly controls you. It could be a work relationship where you are undermined or belittled. It could be a parent who constantly makes you feel guilty or a friend who drains your energy. It could be any relationship.

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How we see ourselves comes from our attitude


Have you heard about the Japanese art form called Kintsukuroi which means to “repair with gold”. When a ceramic pot or bowl breaks or cracks, it is put together again using gold or silver to create something stronger and more beautiful than it was before.

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He . . . A blog by Sam

It was 1995. I was 14. I met him in Meadowhall, he called out to me and said I was beautiful. I was flattered as he was older. If an older man thought I was attractive, then I must be pretty cool, right?

He caught my hand as I walked past him and his friends, pulling me towards him. I blushed and looked at the floor. He called me gorgeous and said all the things that men in movies say to women.

He asked for my number and I got flustered, I told him I was 14 and he couldn’t call my house as I’d get in bother with my mum and so he gave me his and told me to phone him.

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