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Survey on the effects of sexual trauma on the sexuality of single adult women

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Amanda Walters is conducting a research study towards a doctorate degree in clinical psychology at Alliant International University, California School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco, CA.

The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of sexual trauma on the sexuality of single adult women. Amanda is requesting participants to complete her survey which will take 20-40 minutes.

The survey includes questions about your sexual trauma history, sexual functioning, and psychological factors, such as depression and anxiety. The survey also includes questions about demographic information (e.g. age, marital status, income level, current medical conditions) so that we can accurately describe the general traits of the group of women who participate in the study.

For more information on the study and to access the survey, please visit:

Gender based Violence – WHAT CAN YOU DO WHEN YOU NEED HELP?


This is an extremely important part of empowerment and allows you, as a woman to explore your feelings, options and impending sense of loss of the relationship.

Gives access to counseling and space to decide the next steps

Apply for a Protection Order and lay criminal charges at the same time if necessary. Protection Orders are available to anyone in a Domestic Relationship.

What is a Domestic Relationship?
• You are or were married to each other, whether you live together or not
• You are same-sex partners, whether you live together or not
• Were or are engaged, dating, or in a customary relationship, or in any relationship you or the other person believes to be romantic
• Have been in a sexual relationship, even for a short time
• Are the parents of a child
• Share or recently shared the same house or residence

By asking for a Protection Order you are not laying a criminal charge, and you do not need to lay a criminal charge to get a Protection Order. However, if you are the victim of a type of domestic abuse that is also a crime, you can choose to apply for a Protection Order, or lay a criminal charge, or both.

Acts of abuse which are also crimes include: common assault, assault with the intention of doing grievous bodily harm, indecent assault, rape, incest, attempted murder, malicious damage to property, pointing a firearm and the abuse of animals.

This is a huge step and should not be taken lightly. This option should only be considered when everything else has not worked and the abuse continues.

WHERE CAN I GO FOR HELP (in South Africa)?
Domestic Violence Services
• Stop Women Abuse Toll-free Helpline: 0800 150-150
• Domestic Violence Project (Catholic Welfare and Development, Guguletu): St Gabriel’s Church, NY 5, Guguletu 7750, telephone (021) 633 3458, fax: (021)637 4420
• Domestic Violence Project (Catholic Welfare and Development, Matroosfontein): St Dominic Rd, Matroosfontein 7460, telephone (021) 931 5331 Fax: (021) 931 7409
• Family and Marriage Society of South Africa (Famsa) Cape Town: 814 Groote Kerk Buidling, Adderly Street, Cape Town 8001, telephone (021) 461 7360, fax: (021) 461 9198
• Famsa (Guguletu): telephone (021) 637 7606
• Ministers’ Wives Fraternal: Box 3019, Hermanus 7200, telephone (0283) 24294
• Mitchell’s Plain Network Opposing Women Abuse, c/o Mitchell’s Plain Nicro, Box 443, Mitchells Plain 7785, telephone (021) 397 6060, fax: (021) 397 4920
• New World Foundation: Box 290, Steenberg 7945, telephone (021) 701 1150, fax (021) 701 9592,
• National Institute for the Prevention of Crime and the Rehabilitation of Offenders (Nicro) (Abused Women Project: Cape Town): Nicro Women’s Support Centre, 4 Buitensingel, Cape Town 8001, telephone (021) 422 1690, fax (021) 424 6879
• Nicro Atlantis: c/o Catholic Welfare and Development, corner Sun and Penelope streets, Avondale, Atlantis, telephone (021) 572 7655, fax: (021) 572 7655
• Nicro Bellville: 6th floor Tygerberg Centre, 16 Voortrekker Rd, Bellville 7530, telephone (021) 949 2110/1, fax: (021) 948 8934
• Nicro George: 88 York Rd, George 6530, telephone (044) 874 5450
• Nicro Khayelitsha: Box 443, Mitchells Plain, 7785, telephone (021) 361 1393
• Nicro Mitchell’s Plain: Box 443, Mitchell’s Plain, 7785, telephone (021) 397 6060, fax (021) 397 4920
• Nicro Worcester: Box 166 Worcester 6850, telephone (0231) 72 406, fax (0231) 74 540
• Triangle Project: Box 43282 Woodstock 7915, telephone (021) 448 3812, Guguletu (021) 633 9921, fax (021) 448 4089
• Women On Farms Project: Box 530, Stellenbosch, 7599, telephone (021) 887 2960, fax (021)887 2963

Rape Services
• Rape Crisis (Heideveld): 3 Heideveld Town Centre, Ascension Rd, Heideveld 7764, telephone: 637 9431, fax: 637 9432
• Rape Crisis (Khayelitsha): Box 46, Observatory 7925, telephone: 364 1156, fax: 361 0529 cellphone: 083 222 5159
• Rape Crisis (Observatory): Box 46, Observatory 7925, telephone: 447 1467, fax: 447 5458
Rape and Domestic Violence Services
• Cafda: Box 211, Retreat, 7965, telephone: (021) 706 2050, fax: (021) 709 3013
• Ilitha Labantu: Yoliswa Notshe, Box 7, Woodstock 7915, telephone: (021) 633-2383, fax: (021) 638-2956
• Mosaic: 1A Worcester Rd, Sea Point,8001, telephone: 434 7916, fax: 434 7586,

Perpetrator Services
• Child Abuse Therapeutic & Training Services (Catts) – Dr Marcel Londt, cellular number: 082-490-6469
• Akeso Kenilworth Clinic – telephone (021) 763-4500


Thuthuzela Care Centre at G F Jooste Hospital, Manenberg, Cape Town
Tel (021) 691-6194

They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. You will get all the help you need in one place – your medical examination, Police will take a statement from you, they will tell you what to do next.

Global Women’s Empowerment Campaign

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In 2010, two sisters, Haseena and Shameema founded the Leave No Girl Behind International (, a worldwide girls’ empowerment organization.

Change requires action.
Bubbles Beyond Borders, an event created to bring about positive change for over 51% of the world’s population, a response to the outrage felt at the recent kidnappings of young women in Nigeria. We seek a worldwide demonstration of community commitment to human rights. Individuals, organisations and activists around the world will take to the streets on August 16th, 2014 at 1:00 PM local time. Armed with pure liquid and propelled by passionate commitment to women’s equality, we shall blow bubbles for a powerful purpose…to pledge action in support of girls and women’s rights and dreams around the world.

Too many women and girls live with dreams, but without rights to fulfil them. Their visions for a better life mean nothing and when their journeys end, their footprints disappear. Through social media, Bubbles Beyond Borders takes the first step on the road to worldwide awareness.

Since its conception six weeks ago, Bubbles Beyond Borders has growing support – in South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Bahrain, the U.K., Australia, Trinidad, Antigua, Canada and in the U.S.A. Our vision is to blanket the world in bubbles on August 16th 2014!

Please take 3 simple steps to Support Bubbles Beyond Borders:

1. Host your own Bubbles Beyond Borders campaign on August 16th, 2014 1:00 PM Local Time.
2. Participate in the Bubbles Beyond Borders Selfie Campaign on Facebook (“I support the # Bubbles Beyond Borders campaign because…”).
3. After “liking” our Facebook page (, ask others to join us on social media – Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Please add your organization’s name to the growing list of organizations supporting the Bubbles Beyond Borders campaign. (

We welcome your participation on August 16th and look forward to sharing our commitment to human rights all around our world. For more information, please visit the website:, or contact us via email, the Bubbles Beyond Borders Facebook page (, or at the telephone numbers below should you have any questions or suggestions.

We look forward to your response. Together we can change the world.

Thank you, and have a wonderful day!
Shameema Patel

Tel: +27 34 3172151
Cell: +27 72 271 4040 (Shameema)
Cell: +27 72 720 7451 (Haseena)

“We need to be the light for all those girls out there who need hope. We need to be their cheerleaders, their example, their protectors, their hope made real.” ~ Haseena Patel

Haseena Patel & Shameema Patel

Author,Speaker,Girls’ empowerment coach Author, Girls’ empowerment coach

Founder – Leave No Girl Behind Int. Founder,events coordinator – Leave No Girl Behind Int.